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Introducing Vision 2050: The Future of Canada’s Electricity System.

The Canadian electricity industry has taken a forward view and developed a vision for the future. Vision 2050 centers on a commitment to renew Canada’s electricity system through the optimal evolution of electricity supply and demand, so as to deliver maximum value to customers and citizens, and contribute to a lower carbon economy.

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New Lines and Equipment Connections

This ongoing work supports the connection of new customers and services to Brantford Power’s distribution infrastructure and includes secondary services for residential and commercial customers; primary services including overhead and underground lines for industrial and commercial customers; and overhead and underground transformers for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional customers.

Annual Pole Replacements and General Yearly Rebuilds

Brantford Power is continuing to invest in our infrastructure and valuable assets that deliver electricity to our customers.  This includes annual rebuilds of existing lines and equipment including spot replacement of poles and upgrades of overhead feeders and secondary lines, underground conduit and vaults, overhead or underground conductors and devices and line transformers.

One such significant rebuild project was the Lynden Hills area primary system, rebuilt in 2012 to replace aging primary cables and transformer assets.

Powerline Feeder Upgrades

This ongoing initiative includes extending the existing single circuit feeder on Powerline Road from the Powerline Municipal Transformer Station at the North – West end of the City of Brantford to approximately 8km East.  Two more feeders will be added on new taller and stronger poles, to feed existing and new customers and reduce burden from the existing feeders of the Brantford Transformer Station in the South-East end of the City.  This project will also support upgrades to the existing feeder to Brant County Power as an attachment to Brantford Power owned poles.  The work is being carried out in phases.

New Subdivisions and Townhome Connections

Brantford Power continues to support new residential developments in the City with the connection of customers in new subdivisions and townhouses, principally through new underground cable, conduit, transformers, switches and structures.  This also includes installation of supply points on the distribution system to connect to and energize the new infrastructure.

Conversion of Lines from 4 and 8 kv to 27 kv System

This work involves upgrading existing line sections on the main distribution network, as well as some servicing feeds to industrial/commercial customers from the older 8 kV/4 kV standard to the current 27.6 kV.  Converting to a higher voltage standard has the advantage of reducing the amount of line losses and improves service reliability and availability to our customers.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and Distribution Automation

Brantford Power installed a SCADA System in 2004.  It allows us to control and monitor the 27,600 kilovolt distribution system within the City.  The SCADA system provides notification in the event of a large power interruption.  The data acquisition is a key feature of SCADA which improves system planning and load forecasting.  As Brantford Power’s SCADA system evolves, new automated switches will be installed and the communication infrastructure will be improved, all in an effort to increase reliability to the customer.