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FIT (Feed-in Tariff)

Generation Restriction Notice

On May 15, 2014, Brantford Power Inc. received notice from Hydro One of a generation restriction on the Brantford Transformer Station Z bus, effective May 1, 2014.  Hydro One’s monthly review of the Brantford Transformer Station has identified a short circuit limitation resulting in the restriction of future connection of all generation including, but not limited to, FIT and microFIT generators.

For a map of feeders affected by the Hydro One restriction please see Brantford Transformer Station Z bus restrictions.  Note all even numbered Brantford Transformer Station feeders are included in the restriction.

To view the restriction notice from Hydro One please see Hydro One Restricted Station Notification.

The Feed-in Tariff program allows you to generate renewable electricity and earn money while doing it.  FIT refers to the specific prices paid to renewable energy suppliers for the electricity produced by the generating facility.  It offers stable prices under long-term contracts for energy generated from renewable sources, including:

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Biomass
  • Biogas
  • Landfill gas
  • Waterpower

Update November 2013

In November 2013, the Revised Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) Program (Version 3.0) was opened by the Government of Ontario.

The FIT program deals with renewable energy sources (i.e. rooftop solar projects) 500 kW or smaller in size. Those applying for a FIT contract through the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) are encouraged to have a municipal support resolution to assist them in obtaining priority points on their applications.

The City of Brantford has adopted a Municipal Blanket Support Resolution for rooftop solar projects across the City. It is available to all those making application to the OPA.

The FIT Application Start Date is November 4, 2013, and the Application End Date is December 13, 2013 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Prevailing Time.  Applicants are required to submit hard-copy Application materials and payment to the OPA’s offices no later than five Business Days after the date of submitting an electronic Application Form.

FIT Application Forms

Form A: Pre-FIT Consulation Application
Form B: Connection Impact Assessment Application

There Are Two Levels Within The Program

FIT is for larger energy projects – more than 10kW.

microFIT is for smaller projects – less than 10 kW. Learn more about microFIT.

Brantford Power’s Involvement

Brantford Power is responsible for connecting FIT and microFIT projects to Brantford Power’s distribution system which is connected to Ontario’s energy transmission system.  We review and approve the connection of renewable energy projects to Brantford Power’s distribution system.

Ontario Power Authority (OPA) Involvement

The FIT program is managed by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), which is responsible for the program’s rules, contracts, registration, application and contracting processes as well as ongoing contract management activities.

The FIT Connection Process:

Obtain Ontario Power Authority (OPA) Approval

Applicants must secure a qualified consultant/contractor to install their FIT project and confirm the proposed capacity in order to obtain contract approval from the OPA.  The OPA provides a detailed instruction process, along with the appropriate applications to get the project started, on the IESO FIT page. The applicant will submit a completed Pre-FIT Consulation Application to Brantford Power at Brantford Power will review the application and provide the applicant with a Pre-FIT consultation document containing connection details about the project. The applicant will use this document to apply to the OPA for the proposed project and, if approved, receive a conditional contract offer.The OPA will review the application and if accepted, you will be provided with a 7-digit FIT reference number.

Request to Connect with Brantford Power

Once a conditional contract offer and FIT reference number is received from the OPA, the applicant may request to connect with Brantford Power. The applicant is asked to read and understand the Generation Information Package before completing any forms. If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call 519-751-3522, ext. 3367 or 3225

For FIT projects, a Connection Impact Assessment (CIA) must be performed by Brantford Power.  A CIA is a more detailed assessment of the proposed project’s impact on the Brantford Power distribution system.  Costs for the CIA can be found in the Generation Information Package.

FIT projects less than or equal to 500 kW, and connecting to a Brantford Power feeder which is supplied by a Hydro One (HONI) owned transformer station, will require a Threshold Connection Impact Assessment (TCIA) from Hydro One.  The TCIA process will be managed by Brantford Power.

FIT projects greater than 500 kW, and connecting to a Brantford Power feeder which is supplied by a HONI owned transformer station, will require an additional CIA from Hydro One.  Brantford Power will manage the HONI CIA process on behalf of the applicant.  Costs for the HONI CIA can be found in the Generation Information Package.

The applicant is asked to submit the completed CIA Application Form (Form B) and all required documentation listed in the Generation Information Package to Brantford Power at to begin the process.

CIA Completion and Connection Cost Estimate

If there is capacity for the project Brantford Power will provide an “Offer to Connect” and a Connection Cost Estimate (CCE) as part of the CIA package sent to the applicant.

Connection Cost Agreement

The applicant will notify Brantford Power if they decide to proceed with the project and enter into a Connection Cost Agreement (CCA).  Once costs against the CCE are paid, and the CCA has been executed, Brantford Power will schedule a site meeting to determine locations of the generator metering and disconnect switch.

Installation Process and Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) inspection ­

Upon receiving Notice To Proceed (NTP) approval from the OPA, the applicant will start the installation process for their project.  After project installation, the applicant will need to schedule and complete a safety inspection with the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).  The ESA sends Brantford Power a copy of the final inspection certificate.

Connection Agreement

Brantford Power will provide the applicant with the Connection Agreement (CA) required to connect the project to the Brantford Power distribution system. Once the CA has been executed, and all conditions are met, the applicant may connect the FIT project to Brantford Power’s distribution system and prepare for the commissioning process.

Project Commissioning

After theproject has been authorized by the ESA for connection, the CA has been executed and the project is connected, the applicant will need to make arrangements with Brantford Power for witness testing of the generators grid-sense protection systems.  A Confirmation Of Verification Evidence Report (COVER), signed by the applicant’s licensed Professional Engineer, is required by Brantford Power upon project completion.

Finalize Your Connection

Once the project has received and reached the Commercial Operation Date (COD) from the OPA, the applicant will receive payments for its electricity generation according to the OPA contract.

For further information on the OPA’s FIT program.


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