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Bill Inserts & Notices

Brantford Power now offers digital copies of inserts and notices. With your monthly bill from Brantford Power, we may include inserts that provide important rate or safety information, tips for reducing your energy consumption, or news about saveONenergy incentives and other special promotions.



Go Paperless & New Time-of-Use Electricity Pricing (June)

Counter Service ends April 24, 2020 (February)


Winter TOU Rates and Downed Powerline Safety (November)

Your new account number has arrived! (April)

Changes are coming to your next bill (March)

2019 Electricity Rates (January)


Ontario’s Fair Hydro Plan (June 2018)

Summer Time-Of-Use Prices and Hours (May 2018)

2018 Electricity Rates (January 2018)

Ontario’s Fair Hydro Plan (January 2018)


Ontario’s Fair Hydro Plan (October 2017)

Ontario’s Fair Hydro Plan (July 2017)

2017 Summer Time of Use Pricing and Hours (May 2017)

Need Help Managing Your Bill? (March 2017)

2017 Electricity Rates (January 2017)

Ontario 8% Rebate (January 2017)


Summer Time-of-Use (TOU) Prices May 2016

2016 Electricity Rates January 2016